Isolated rupture degree of trees and gear graphs

Feng Wei Li


The isolated rupture degree for a connected graph G is defined as ir(G) = max{i(G-S)-|S|-m(G-S):S is element C(G)}, where i(G-S) and m(G-S), respectively, denote the number of components which are isolated vertices and the order of a largest component in G-S. C(G) denotes the set of all cut-sets of G. The isolated rupture degree is a new graph parameter which can be used to measure the vulnerability of networks. In this paper, we firstly give a recursive algorithm for computing the isolated rupture degree of trees, and determine the maximum and minimum isolated rupture degree of trees with given order and maximum degree. Then, the exact value of isolated rupture degree of gear graphs are given. In the final, we determine the rupture degree of the Cartesian product of two special graphs and a special permutation graph.


isolated rupture degree; vulnerability; ir-set; recursive algorithm; cartesian product; gear graph

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