Editorial: Announcement of charge imposition

Dear authors of NNW journal,

We would like to inform you about a change concerning the submission process.  For manuscripts submitted after 1st of January 2016, a new rule is coming into effect, namely an imposition of a charge on all published manuscripts as stated bellow.

The main reason for this step is not entirely the economical or financial situation, as both universities sharing the ownership of the NNW journal pledged to further provide their substantial financial support as it was the rule in the past years.

The major problem lies in the increasing amount of manuscripts received every month which we cannot process to our full satisfaction and that of the authors.

As a matter of fact, securing an immediate reviewing process of an appropriate quality has become beyond our capability, the fact of which seems to result in a relatively long peer review time. Striving to improve the more and more time-consuming editorial work we seek to strengthen and further professionalize our editorial staff.

Therefore, beginning on 1st of January 2016 the Neural Network World 26th Edition will be issued under the following publishing conditions:

  • the fee paid by the author for a published paper up to 15 pages, submitted on 2016/01/01 and after, will be 300 EUR,
  • an extra fee of 50 EUR per page is going to be charged for each additional page,
  • for texts printed in colour, there is an extra fee of 150 EUR per 4 successive colour pages,
  • the tutorial, which can only be published on special request of the publisher, remains free of charge.

As concerns the subscription, the prices remain unchanged. Detailed information about subscription is available at http://www.nnw.cz/prices.html.

It is important to mention that the scope of the journal will not change.  We are obliged to maintain the status of a university level of a scientific journal offering the opportunity to publish the results of their research work especially to young scientists, no matter which geographical region they come from and /or which institution they work for – simply without any limitations.

On behalf of my team and my own behalf I would like to wish us all a successful and prosperous New Year 2016.

Zdeněk Votruba